Brainfuse provides three kinds of homework help:

Interactive help with online tutors.

Receive live homework help, skill building assistance, writing assistance, the answer to a specific question or practice learning a language.

Study Center

Create flashcards or use a set from the Brainfuse collection to study.  Practice tests are also available in the study center.

Meeting Space

Plan a study session with friends or create a movie of your notes and ideas and then share those with others if you’d like. 


Click here to access Brainfuse and get started.


You will need an Olathe library card and PIN to access this service from home. 

To track your work and activity in Brainfuse, you will need to create a Brainfuse account which is different from your library account. 

 The Brainfuse service is available daily from 2:00p.m—11:00p.m.

Adult learners can receive help brushing up on skills or learn something new.  Adults can also receive help writing a resume, practicing a test, learning more about Microsoft Office and more. 

Click on the yellow “Adult Learners” button at the top of the Brainfuse page to access these resources.