Fairy Books

E Fiction Graham, Bob Jethro Byrd, Fairy Child
E Fiction Johnson, Paul Brett Little Bunny Foo Foo, Told and Sung by the Good Fairy
E Fiction Lester, Helen The Wizard, the Fairy and the Magic Chicken
E Fiction Milord, Susan Willa the Wonderful
E Fiction Sendak, Maurice Outside Over There
E Fiction Shannon, David Alice the Fairy
E Fiction Simmons, Jane The Dreamtime Fairies
E Fiction Symes, Ruth The Sheep Fairy
E Fiction Tompert, Ann Grandfather Tang’s Story
E Fiction Wells, Rosemary Fritz and the Mess Fairy
E Fiction Yolen, Jane Child of Faerie, Child of Earth
ER Reader Bottner, Barbara Pish and Posh
ER Reader Yolen, Jane Sleeping Ugly
E Fiction
Collington, Peter On Christmas Eve


E Fiction Buehner, Caralyn Fanny’s Dream
E Fiction Gill-Brown, Vanessa Rufferella
E Fiction Krensky, Stephen The Youngest Fairy Godmother Ever
E Fiction McClintock, Barbara Molly and the Magic Wishbone
E Fiction Nolan, Lucy A Fairy in the Dairy
E Fiction Walsh, Ellen Stoll Samantha


E Fiction Birdseye, Tom Airmail to the Moon
E Fiction Bourgeois, Paulette Franklin and the Tooth Fairy
E Fiction Child, Lauren My Wobbly Tooth Must Not Ever Never Fall Out
E Fiction Collington, Peter The Tooth Fairy
E Fiction Davis, Katie Mabel the Tooth Fairy and How She Got Her Job
E Fiction Diakite, Penda I Lost My Tooth in Africa
E Fiction Edwards, Pamela Dear Tooth Fairy
E Fiction Heller, Nicholas The Tooth Tree
E Fiction Hobbie, Holly Toot and Puddle: Charming Opal
E Fiction Jay, Betsy Jane vs. the Tooth Fairy
E Fiction Kaye, Marilyn The Real Tooth Fairy
E Fiction Lasky, Kathryn Science Fair Bunnies
E Fiction Middleton, Charlotte Tabitha's Terrifically Tough  Tooth
E Fiction Munsch, Robert Andrew's Loose Tooth
E Fiction Olson, Mary Nice Try, Tooth Fairy
ER Reader Hooks, William The Mystery of the Missing Tooth
ER Reader Ruelle, Karen Gray Dear Tooth Fairy
ER Reader Suen, Anastasia Loose Tooth
E Fiction
Catalanotto, Peter Christmas Always

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