Spring Books

E Fiction Agell, Charlotte Mud Makes Me Dance in the Spring
E Fiction Alexander, Sue There's More....Much More
E Fiction Arden, Carolyn Goose Moon
E Fiction Beck, Andrea Elliot Gets Stuck
E Fiction Carr, Jan Splish, Splash Spring
E Fiction Ernst, Lisa Campbell Wake Up, It’s Spring
E Fiction Glaser, Linda It's Spring!
E Fiction Gomi, Taro Spring Is Here
E Fiction Hubbell, Patricia Hurray For Spring!
E Fiction Hunter, Anne Possum and the Peeper
E Fiction Kinsey-Warnock, Natalie When Spring Comes
E Fiction Krauss, Ruth The Happy Day
E Fiction Lee, Huy Voun In the Park
E Fiction Lenski, Lois Spring is Here
E Fiction Peters, Lisa Westberg Cold Little Duck, Duck, Duck
E Fiction Plourde, Lynn Spring's Sprung
E Fiction Raczka, Bob Spring Things
E Fiction Ray, Mary Lyn Mud
E Fiction Richards, Judith Old Winter
E Fiction Rockwell, Anne My Spring Robin
E Fiction Schnur, Steven Spring: An Alphabet Acrostic
E Fiction Schnur, Steven Spring Thaw
E Fiction Seuling, Barbara Spring Song
E Fiction Spetter, Jung-Hee Lily and Trooper's Spring
E Fiction Thompson, Lauren Mouse's First Spring
E Fiction Wallace, Nancy Paperwhite
E Fiction Walters, Catherine When Will it Be Spring?
E Fiction Wood, Audrey When the Root Children Wake Up
VER Reader Moncure, Jane Belk Word Bird's Spring Words
ER Reader Krensky, Stephen Lionel in the Spring
ER Reader Rylant, Cynthia Henry and Mudge in Puddle Trouble
ER Reader Stevenson, James Mud Flat Spring
J 574.54 Hirschi, Ron Spring
J 574.54 Simon, Seymour Spring Across America
J 861 Alarcon, Francisco Laughing Tomatoes and Other Spring Poems
J 895.6 Shannon, George Spring: A Haiku Story

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