Winter Books

E Fiction Berry, Lynne Duck Skates
E Fiction Bogacki, Tomasz Cat and Mouse in the Snow
E Fiction Bond, Rebecca This Place in the Snow
E Fiction Bradby, Marie The Longest Wait
E Fiction Brennan, Linda Crotta Flannel Kisses
E Fiction Briggs, Kelly Paul Lighthouse Lullaby
E Fiction Buehner, Caralyn Snowmen at Night
E Fiction Burton, Virginia Lee Katy and the Big Snow
E Fiction Chaconas, Doris On a Wintry Morning
E Fiction Cheng, Andrea The Lemon Sisters
E Fiction Child, Lauren Snow is My Favorite and My Best
E Fiction Cook, Lisa Broadie Martin MacGregor's Snowman
E Fiction Crisp, Marty Totally Polar
E Fiction Dunrea, Olivier It's Snowing
E Fiction Edwards, Richard Copy Me, Copycub
E Fiction Ehlert, Lois Snowballs
E Fiction Evans, Lezlie Snow Dance
E Fiction Fleming, Denise Time to Sleep
E Fiction Florian, Douglas A Winter Day
E Fiction Ford, Christine Snow!
E Fiction Gammell, Stephen Is That You, Winter?
E Fiction Gay, Marie-Louise Stella, Queen of the Snow
E Fiction Gershator, Phillis When it Starts to Snow
E Fiction Glaser, Linda It's Winter!
E Fiction Gliori, Debi The Snow Lambs
E Fiction Grindley, Sally What Will I Do Without You?
E Fiction Hader, Berta The Big Snow
E Fiction Henkes, Kevin Oh!
E Fiction Howard, Kim In Wintertime
E Fiction Inkpen, Mick Kipper's Snowy Day
E Fiction Joosse, Barbara Snow Day!
E Fiction Joyce, William Snowie Rolie
E Fiction Keats, Ezra Jack The Snowy Day
E Fiction Keller, Holly Geraldine's Big Snow
E Fiction Kuskin, Karla Under My Hood I Have a Hat
E Fiction Lakin, Pat Snow Day
E Fiction Lasky, Kathryn Lucille's Snowsuit
E Fiction Lawson, Julie Midnight in the Mountains
E Fiction Lewis, J. Patrick The Snowflake Sisters
E Fiction Lin, Grace Robert's Snow
E Fiction Lionni, Leo Frederick
E Fiction London, Jonathan Froggy Gets Dressed
E Fiction Maass, Robert When Winter Comes
E Fiction Manuel, Lynn The Night the Moon Blew Kisses
E Fiction McAllister, Angela Brave Bitsy and the Bear
E Fiction McCully, Emily Arnold First Snow
E Fiction McGuirk, Leslie Tucker Flips
E Fiction McKee, David Elmer in the Snow
E Fiction Mockford, Caroline Cleo in the Snow
E Fiction Moss, Miriam The Snow Bear
E Fiction Neitzel, Shirley The Jacket I Wear in the Snow
E Fiction Peddle, Daniel Snow Day
E Fiction Perkins, Lynne Rae Snow Music
E Fiction Plourde, Lynn Snow Day
E Fiction Plourde, Lynn Winter Waits
E Fiction Poydar, Nancy Snip, Snip… Snow!
E Fiction Pulver, Robin Axle Annie
E Fiction Rey, Margaret Curious George in the Snow
E Fiction Richardson, Judith Benet Old Winter
E Fiction Rockwell, Anne The First Snowfall
E Fiction Rohmann, Eric A Kitten Tale
E Fiction Sanfield, Steve Snow
E Fiction Schertle, Alice All You Need for a Snowman
E Fiction Seuling, Barbara Winter Lullaby
E Fiction Shulevitz, Uri Snow
E Fiction Siddals, Mary McKenna Millions of Snowflakes
E Fiction Spetter, Jung-Hee Lily and Trooper's Winter
E Fiction Spinelli, Eileen Three Pebbles and a Song
E Fiction Spinelli, Eileen Now It Is Winter
E Fiction Stevenson, James Brrr!
E Fiction Stewart, Paul A Little Bit of Winter
E Fiction Stojic, Manya Snow
E Fiction Stringer, Lauren Winter is the Warmest Season
E Fiction Szekeres, Cyndy The Mouse that Jack Built
E Fiction Thompson, Lauren Mouse's First Snow
E Fiction Urbanovic, Jackie Duck at the Door
E Fiction Van Laan, Nancy When Winter Comes
E Fiction Velthuijs, Max Frog in Winter
E Fiction Vestergaard, Hope Hello, Snow!
E Fiction Vigna, Judith Boot Weather
E Fiction Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth Paperwhite
E Fiction Yee, Wong Herbert Tracks in the Snow
E Fiction Yolen, Jane Sleep, Black Bear, Sleep
ER Reader Bauer, Marion Dane Turtle Dreams
ER Reader Rylant, Cynthia Henry and Mudge in the Sparkle Days
J 574.543 Hirschi, Ron Winter
J 574.543 Schweninger, Ann Wintertime
J 574.543 Simon, Seymour Winter Across America
J 591 George, Lindsay Barrett In the Snow, Who's Been Here?
J 591.54 Bancroft, Henrietta Animals in Winter
J 811.008    Once Upon Ice and Other Frozen Poems
J 811.54 Prelutsky, Jack It's Snowing! It's Snowing!
J 811.54  Yolen, Jane Snow, Snow: Winter Poems for Children

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