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by Fiona Robinson 

“Once upon a tide…” begins the story of a whale named Whale and an upcoming art show for the creatures of the deep blue sea.  As a large ocean animal, Whale is the perfect size for advertising “The Hugest Art Show in the Deep & Briny,” curated by the fish Mr. Jackson Pollock.  As Whale swims through the ocean reminding the other animals about the show, including Eel, who creates art by making waves in the sand, and Hammerhead, who works with colorful fishing floats, he begins longing to be in the show along with the others.  “I’m just in advertising,” he says to the plankton, who ask him why he does not make something himself.  It is upon becoming increasingly frustrated with his belief that he has no special talent that he discovers his ability, with the help of the plankton, to make his own unique and beautiful work of art.

Different font types as well as speech bubbles differentiate between the story as told by the narrator and the dialogue among the ocean animals.  The ocean’s beauty itself, with its varying shades of blue and green, is emphasized through the story’s illustrations done in watercolor and pencil, and the brilliance of light emphasizes Whale’s newly discovered ability to brighten the ocean world in which he lives in this story about finding our own unique ways to shine.

E Fiction

Recommended by Miss Jennifer @ Indian Creek

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