Indian Creek Branch Meeting Room Policy

The Olathe Public Library provides the branch meeting room for use by nonprofit community groups of educational, cultural, political, professional, or business nature. These guidelines will be followed by scheduled groups so that their meetings at the library will be a positive experience for both the library and local organizations.

  • The room is available free of charge and may be scheduled through the library up to three (3) months in advance. Certain exceptions may be made at the library director's discretion for specific community events and organizations. Groups using the meeting room for the first time must reserve the room and register with the branch manager or designated representative.
  • Admission fees may not be charged at the door for any meetings or programs. All meetings/programs hosted by outside groups must be open to the public. Groups holding workshops or other educational functions may collect a registration fee away from the library, but must open the workshop to the library public free of charge if they request entrance to the workshop.
  • The meeting room is not available for money raising, sale of items, or private parties. The only exception will be activities sponsored by the Friends of the Library, the Olathe Public Library Foundation, or the Olathe Public Library.
  • Smoking and/or drinking alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
  • The capacity of the meeting room is 75. Furniture not already in the room, including additional chairs, should not be added to the room.
  • Light refreshments such as canned beverages, cookies, rolls, etc. may be served. No food preparation is to take place in the meeting room. Groups are required to dispose of any food or food related trash, as well as to clean any surfaces adversely affected by the serving of refreshments. Groups are also responsible for any damage to the room or furnishings incurred from the accidental staining from food or drink products.
  • Groups using the room are responsible for setting up before and cleaning up after each meeting. Groups must return the meeting room to the condition it was before the group's use of it. Failure by a group to attend to both of these matters will result in the loss of meeting room privileges. Library staff is not available to move furniture.
  • Library staff phones are not available for public use. In case of an emergency, library staff may page a meeting attendee.
  • Individuals and groups using the meeting room should be aware of the rights of library customers to use the library in an atmosphere conducive to the use of library materials and resources. The library director maintains the authority to deny use of the meeting room to any group(s) that in her/his judgment will disturb the overall quality of library service in the building due to the size or nature of the meeting.
  • The library does not provide childcare for any meeting attendees. Parents or guardians are not encouraged to bring children to meetings.
  • The room is available for use by library staff or library board members. Library programs and meetings will be given first priority when scheduling meetings. The library reserves the right to work with outside entities to produce pertinent programs for the community. If necessary, any fees incurred (honorariums, publicity, etc.) will be paid by the library.
  • Groups with regularly scheduled meetings must reschedule those meetings every three months.
  • No group or organization other than the Friends of the Library and/or the Olathe Public Library Foundation may use the library's address or phone number as its official mailing address or headquarters.
  • Meetings in the building must conclude fifteen (15) minutes prior to closing. A group meeting to be scheduled before the library opens to the public needs the permission of the branch manager. Such a meeting may begin up to forty-five (45) minutes before opening.
  • Due to popularity and limited availability, only one reservation per week is allowed each group.
  • The Olathe Public Library reserves the right to cancel or suspend meeting permission granted to any group which violates this policy.
  • The fact that a group is permitted to meet at the library does not in any way constitute an endorsement by the library of that group's policies or beliefs.
  • The Olathe Public Library reserves the right to deny use of the meeting room to any group that knowingly violates the above listed guidelines.